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Statewide Initiatives

211 - Get Connected. Get Answers.

Aetna Better Health CCN Proposal

Part I - Mandatory Requirements (Book 1)
A.1 - Proposal Certification Statement (Appendix A)
A.2 - Ethics Code Statement
Part II - Technical Proposal (Books 2-4)
Section B - Qualifications and Experience
Section C - Planned Approach to Project
Section D - Member Enrollment/Disenrollment
Section E - Chronic Care/Disease Management
Section F - Service Coordination
Section G - Provider Network
Section H - Utilization Management
Section I - EPSDT
Section J - Quality Management
Section K - Member Materials
Section L - Customer Service
Section M - Emergency Management Plan
Section N - Grievance and Appeals
Section O - Fraud and Abuse
Section P - Third Party Liability
Section Q - Claims Management
Section R - Information Systems
Section S - Added Value to Louisiana 

Appendices (Books 5-9)
Appendix A - Current 10K & 10Q Reports
Appendix B - Annual Financials & Performance Guarantee
Appendix C - Chart A Organizational Chart
Appendix D - Health Plan Organizational Chart
Appendix E - Resumes of Key Staff
Appendix F - Subcontractor Responses
Appendix G - Chart B Compliance Organizational Chart
Appendix H - Press Releases
Appendix I - NCQA Health Plan Report Cards
Appendix J - Current External Quality Review Organization
Appendix K - Copy of CAP
Appendix L - Client References
Appendix M - Certificate of Authority
Appendix N - Current Bank Reference, Certificate of Insurance, Financial Letter of Commitment Response
Appendix O - Aetna Inc. Two Years of Audited Financial Statements, Aetna Better Health Unaudited Financials
Appendix P - Implementation Work Plan
Appendix Q - Resume of Implementation Manager
Appendix R - Provider Network Listing
Appendix S - GeoAccess Reports and part 2
Appendix T - Sample Quality Profile Reports

Appendix U - Member Educational Materials
Appendix V - Member Hotline Telephone Reports
Appendix W - Emergency Response Continuity of Operations Plan
Appendix X - Information Technology Work Plan

Appendix Y - Appendix OO - Provider Incentive Payments Program