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How To Find A Provider

This page is to assist you locate a dental provider based on your, or a member of your family's dental insurance coverage.  The State Oral Health Program does not maintain a list of practicing providers.

Privately Insured 

  • Your insurance company can provide you with information about dentists who are in your coverage plan. 

LaCHIP (Regular) - Age 0-19

LaCHIP Affordable Plan - Age 0-19

Medicaid - Age 0-21

Pregnant with No Dental Insurance

LaMOMs - Age less than 21

The LaMOMS program is an expansion of Medicaid coverage for pregnant women. 

  • Dental services end at the birth of the baby, regardless of LaMOMs enrollment status, miscarriage, or pre-term delivery
  • Medicaid covered services include dental screening, examination, X-rays, cleaning, topical fluoride application, hygiene education.
  • Early & Periodic Screenings, Diagnosis, Treatment (EPSDT) Dental Program covers certain other dental services (some may need prior authorization).
  • Patients are to see Medicaid accepting dentists.  To locate a Medicaid dentist call 1-877-455-9955 or use the Medicaid provider search page.
  • Dental services may also be obtained from:



Uninsured and not eligible for the LSU School of Dentistry New Orleans clinic