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Adult Day Health Care (ADHC) Initial Licensing

The initial licensing application packet shall include:

  1. Facility Need Review approval letter
    The Department of Health and Hospitals (DHH) shall not accept any license applications or license fees for any Adult Day Health Care Facility unless accompanied by a letter of Facility Need Review (FNR) approval.      
  2. Letter of Intent
  3. HSS-WA-1 ADHC License application form
  4. Payment Transmittal Form- Application fees are non-refundable.
  5. Architectural Plan Review from Office of State Fire Marshal.  Please be reminded that it is the responsibility of the provider to send copies of any and all letters and approved floor sketches received from the State Fire Marshal to the ADHC program desk.

    "Effective immediately Adult Day Health Care facilities must submit plans to be reviewed as Adult Day Care classification. “Business Occupancy” classification will not be considered for plan review approval.


    IBC Definition:  308.5.1 Adult care facility.

    A facility that provides accommodations for less than 24 hours for more than five unrelated adults and provides supervision and personal care services shall be classified as Group I-4.

    Exception: A facility where occupants are capable of responding to an emergency situation without physical assistance from the staff shall be classified as Group R-3.


    NFPA Definition: Adult Day-Care Occupancies. Adult day-care occupancies shall include any building or portion thereof used for less than 24 hours per day to house more than three adults requiring care, maintenance, and supervision by other than their relative(s). Clients in adult day-care occupancies shall be ambulatory or semi-ambulatory and shall not be bedridden. Clients in adult day-care occupancies shall not exhibit behavior that is harmful to themselves or to others." (posted 02/21/2013 per C.Vincent, RN, Program Manager, HSS)

  6. Approval for occupancy report from State Fire Marshal walk through inspection

  7. Criminal background check on all owners
  8.  Line of  credit (at least $50,000)
  9. General and professional liability Insurance of at least $300,000 each
  10. Worker's Compensation Insurance
  11. HSS-1513 Disclosure of Ownership
  12. CLIA Waiver (Copy) Letter
  13. 8x11 Floor Sketch of facility
  14. Approval for occupancy report from OPH/Sanitarian walk through inspection
  15. Copy of certificate from mandatory Initial Licensing Training class and letter that facility is ready for survey 

    1. Payments & Payment Transmittal form must be submitted to Chase Bank
    P.O. Box Below:

    DHH Licensing Fee
    P.O. Box 62949
    New Orleans, LA 70162-2949

    2. Documentation, such as the application form, Disclosure of Ownership, OPH reports must be sent to Health Standards Section at:

    Health Standards Section
    P.O. Box 3767
    Baton Rouge, LA 70821-3767