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Water and Wastewater Operator Certification Program

Welcome to the Operator Certification Corner.  This is the official website of the Water and Wastewater Operator Certification Program. Here you find current postings related to operator certification. In order to be certified, you must apply for certificate.

Operators of both Water and Wastewater facilities are required to meet requirements set forth by the Environmental Protection Agency, the Committee of Certification and as required by State law.


LRWA EXAM AND CONFERENCE again in Lake Charles.  Click link for more details.

Final Renewal Invoices for 2014 (updated 4-22-2014)

Renewal invoices have been mailed out.  If you lost yours, you can get a copy online.  Check under reports on the Operator Certification Publications Page.  Be sure to use the find function (CTRL-F) to go straight to your name or operator identification number.  Be careful when you print that you only print your one invoice and not thousands of invoices for everyone.  Good luck.  Incidently the direct link is:

Other Pages of Interest to Operators

Frequenty asked questions regarding operator certification

Operator Certification Publications

Internet Links for Associations, Online and Correspondence Courses

Committee of Certification

Education and GED's

Safe Drinking Water Training Videos and Presentations

Ethics Training - New State of Louisiana Annual Requirement

Since 2012 all employees of State and Local governments and persons doing business with State and Local Governments have been required to take an Annual Ethics Training Course through the State Ethics Commission.  This annual course is approved for operator certification credit.  Just submit a copy to us.  Attendance is not an operator certification requirement, but it is a state law.  This training is required annually, so you had to be done in 2013 and thereafter including 2014.

Operator Certification Rule


The Louisiana Department of Education does not recognize any online GED programs. GED Training and Exams are available in parish and municipal education units throughout the state.

Approved Operator Classes

2014-15 Approved Operator Classes

2014-15 Online and Correspondence Courses

Operator Hours

The Operator Certification staff is currently updating the 2014 - 2015 Training Hours. Hours currently posted will be found online under the reports sections. Courses with illegible sign-in sheets are somewhat delayed. Thank you for your Patience. USE OF CTRL-F (FIND FUNCTION) WILL HELP YOU NAVIGATE THIS DOCUMENTS MORE QUICKLY.  IMPORTANT: IF YOU HAVE UPGRADED YOUR LICENSES, DOUBLE CHECK YOUR HOURS. You have until December 31, 2015 to assure that the Hours Earned equals or exceeds the Hours Needed!  If you suspect that hours have been posted to your license in error, please email at
as errors will be corrected when found which can happen at anytime including after the end of the cycle.  

2014-2015 Operator Hours Report

Exam Schedule 

2014 Exam Schedule

Exam Result Reports

The following reports indicate Operators who have successfully passed either a Water and/or Wastewater examination during the previous two year period.

Passed Exams Report

Bad Addresses

Many operators are not getting there mail from us because we do not have a valid mailing address.  Please check the report to see if you know anyone in this predicament.  Thanks.

Operators with Bad Addresses


Water Quality Technical Conference (2014) November New Orleans

Water Quality Technical Conference (2010)

The presentations from the 2010 Water Quality Technical Conference (WQTC) held in Alexandria and Baton Rouge are available online.

Contact us for Operator Certifcation Concerns

James Mooring

Jill Ruffin

Steve Hoss

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