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Infectious Disease Epidemiology Program

The Infectious Disease Epidemiology section is staffed by thirty epidemiologists and support staff who act as disease detectives to track the causes and consequences of infectious diseases.  The purpose of this section is to study the distribution of infectious diseases in the community and to carry out or coordinate programs that prevent the spread of communicable diseases.

The Infectious Disease Epidemiology Program is funded through cooperative agreements with the State of Louisiana and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). The program is also involved in several collaborative efforts with Louisiana State University Veterinary School and Tulane University School of Public Health.

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  • Epidemiology Manual                                                                             Born Between 1945-1965?
    • Other Manuals                                                                                 New CDC Hep C
  • Annual Infectious Disease Surveillance Reports                                     Next Learnlinc
  • Antibiotic Sensitivity                                                                             Indian Tribes in Louisiana
  • Foodborne / Waterborne Disease                                                          11AM - April 25, 2014    
  • Healthcare Associated Infections Resource Center                                   
  • Hepatitis                                                                                               2009 H1N1 Flu Viruses
  • Influenza Surveillance                                                                      Resistant To Oseltamivir           
  • Louisiana Morbidity Report                                                                                   
  • MRSA                                                                                                 Pertussis Health Alert      
  • Regional Information                                                                          
  • Reportable Disease Surveillance (reporting a disease)                           Influenza Severity
  • School Resources                                                                                         
  • Special Studies                                                                                     
  • State Epidemiologist                                                                     
  • Syndromic Surveillance - LEEDS (Louisiana Early Event Detection System)    
  • Veterinary Information and Rabies Information                                              Save the Date
  • West Nile Virus                                                                                      Field Epidemiology Workshop
                                                                                                       N.O. 7/30; Alexandria 8/19; Ruston 9/17