Behavioral Health Services - Adult


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Medicaid eligible adult.

Adults eligible to receive mental health rehabilitation services under Medicaid State Plan  include those who meet one of the following criteria and is 21 years and older.

Must have a mental health diagnosis, assessed by a licensed mental health professional, and receives  LOCUS score of 2.  


Any Medicaid eligible adult may receive the following behavioral health service if medical necessity is established by a licensed mental health professional (LMHP):

  1. Addiction Services (outpatient and residential)
  2. Psychiatric Inpatient Hospital

The following additional services are available:

  1. Treatment Plan Development
  2. Psychosocial Rehabilitation
  3. Crisis Intervention
  4. Community Psychiatric Support & Treatment
  5. Assertive Community Treatment
  6. Outpatient Therapy

Assessment and LOCUS score are not required to receive LMHP services.


Adult Behavioral Health services are administered by the Managed Care Organiations (MCO).