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Getting An Early Start on Asthma



The Getting An Early Start on Asthma Initiative is designed to assist Head Start and childcare centers with tools and knowledge on how to improve the health and academic achievement of families and students who suffer with asthma. Since asthma Medicaid claims and hospitalization rates are highest among children ages 1-5, the Asthma Curriculum for Louisiana Childcare Centers was designed to provide basic information for the caregivers and families of students who have self-identified as having asthma on the Louisiana Head Start Registration Forms. Once the child is identified as having asthma, the family will receive information from the participating center on how to better handle asthma episodes in the event of an emergency, how to prepare for the doctor’s visit, what makes asthma worse in the home environment and basic information about asthma medications and devices. The family should be instructed to take the asthma action plan to their health care provider in order to get a proper diagnosis and treatment plan that should be implemented where the child lives, learns and plays.  The Asthma Curriculum for Louisiana Childcare Centers also addresses issues in the childcare center setting that can exacerbate asthma. Participating centers are required to provide the state asthma program with follow-up information bi-annually to allow the state asthma program to access the effectiveness of the tool and its components.

Click here to view the Asthma Curriculum for Louisiana Childcare Centers.