Contract Information

Documented Attempts Complaint Form
For providers who have a complaint with a Bayou Health Plan's three documented attempts to contract with them.

Bayou Health Plan Readiness Results
Prior to the start of Bayou Health Plan contracts, LDH conducts thorough readiness reviews for each of the Health Plans, looking at all aspects of systems, operations and network adequacy. These are the results of each review by plan and by contract.

Louisiana Bayou Health Plan Contracts
Shows the standards/terms that must be included in any contract between a Bayou Health Plan and providers.

Provider-Initiated Request for Alternative Payment Arrangement
In Bayou Health, the Plans are required to reimburse providers for all core benefits and services, at a minimum, the Medicaid fee-for-service rate in effect on the date the service is performed.There may be situations in which a provider wishes to initiate an alternative payment arrangement. This details that process. This process can only be initiated by a provider. Health Plans cannot initiate alternative payment arrangements.

Materials Related to the Bayou Health Plan RFP

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