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Infants who need further testing due to failed initial hearing screening:

  • Infants failing the newborn screening are to be referred for follow-up rescreening as soon as possible within two to four weeks from hospital discharge.
  • Infants failing the hospital screening must be referred to the primary care physician or to a licensed audiologist for follow-up rescreening.

Infants who need further testing due to failed follow-up rescreening:

  • The audiologist or physician should help the parents make arrangements for the diagnostic testing at the time of the failed rescreening.
  • If possible, diagnostic testing should be performed during the same visit as the rescreening or as soon as possible.
  • Only appropriately credentialed and qualified audiologists who possess a valid state license should perform follow-up diagnostic testing.
  • ┬áDiagnosis and evaluation of the type and degree of hearing loss should be completed by the time the child is 3 months of age.

The goal for follow up for successful early hearing detection and intervention is 1-3-6: