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How to Apply for HEAL Bonds

Health care, health education and biological sciences-related organizations that wish to apply for a HEAL Bond Issue should complete the application. Please note that the full application and approval process, outlined below, typically takes between 90-120 days.

Heal Bond Issuance Steps:

1.     Organization submits Bond Application to HEAL:

2.      HEAL Board of Trustees meets to approve or disapprove the application for the proposed HEAL Bond Issue (via preliminary resolution).

3.      If approved, HEAL works with the applicant to determine the structure and method of offering the bond.

4.      Bond financing documents are drafted and distributed to all parties (HEAL and the applicant).

5.      Financing documents are reviewed and finalized, and an official statement, if needed,is drafted.

6.      HEAL Board of Trustees votes on final resolution approving the proposed HEALBond Issue.

7.      DHH Secretary approves the proposed HEAL Bond Issue.

8.      Bond Resolution and Notice of Intention to Sell Bonds are published in local media at least 7 days prior to State Bond Commission meeting

9.      A Notice of Public Hearing is published in local media at least 14 days prior to the date of the public hearing.

10.   HEAL conducts the required public hearing.

11.   HEAL submits formal application to the State Bond Commission for approval of the proposed HEAL Bond Issue and sends a check payable to the Louisiana State Bond Commission representing the State BondCommission initial application fee of $1,500.

12.   State Bond Commission gives final approval for the proposed HEAL Bond Issue. 

13.   Louisiana Office of the Attorney General approves the proposed HEAL Bond Issue.

14.   The Bond Issue is approved.

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