Exam Rules

}  Must present Letter of Authorization to enter a Closed Exam

}  An exam application or Letter or Authorization must be presented to enter an Open Exam

}  A Driver’s License or ID issued by the DMV must be presented.  ID must have a picture.

}  No cell phones, cameras, earpieces, headsets, PDAs, radios, MP3 players, etc. allowed in the testing facility (building)

}  No hats, bags, purses, pads, tablets, papers, manuals, binders, etc.  allowed in building

}  No Loitering.  After you take your exam and pay your exam fees you must leave the testing area.

}  You should bring only the following items to the exam center:

}  Letter of Authorization for Closed Exam

}   Exam Application or Letter of Authorization to an Open Exam

}  ID with picture (Driver’s license or ID issued by DMV)

}  2 - # 2 lead pencils (sharpened)

}  Calculator

}  Simple 10 key preferred

}  Not programmable

}  Money to pay for each exam

}  currently $5 per exam (currently exam fees are not  collected in advance)

}  exam fees are not refundable

}  no change can be given for checks written for an amount greater than what is owed for the exam (i.e. – check for three exam for $15 but take fewer exams)