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July 2012- June 2013

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Town of Blanchard; Loan Closed on 8/16/2012; Amount: $13,330,000.00
The funding will be used to implement many improvements to the Town and to the surrounding community’s drinking water system. Improvements include a new raw water intake structure located in the Caddo Lake, to install approximately 5,800 linear feet of 16 inch raw water transmission pipe, and to construct a new surface water treatment plant designed to treat 5 million gallons per day. The increased capacity will enable the Town to supply surrounding water systems, many of which have various violations, with quality drinking water.
South Vernon Water Works District Number 1; Loan Closed on 9/26/2012; Amount: $825,000.00;
The scope of this project includes a system wide assessment of the South Vernon Parish Waterworks District No. 1 followed by a selected construction project consisting of the rehabilitation of the existing elevated storage tank and the construction of a new ground storage tank.
The Town of Lutcher: Loan 1: 10/23/2012; Amount: $1,570,000.00
From left to right: Mayor Rowdy Scott; Vanesa Roussel, Town Clerk; Jake Causey, OPH Chief Engineer; Allen Offner, Foley Judell; and Jennifer Wilson, DWRLF Program Manager The Town of Lutcher’s Water System proposes the following improvements; rehabilitation of the elevated water tank located at the existing water plant, construction of a new clarifier, an upgrade to the existing pipe gallery, and minor improvements to the water plant including office modifications. The project is necessary to address the water systems violations and deficiencies sited by the Department of Health and Hospitals.
The Town of Delhi; Loan 2; 11/29/2012; Amount: $1,870,000.00
The Village of Loreauville; Loan 1; 12/19/2012; Amount: $1,310,000.00
From left to right Julie Comeaux, DWRLF Project Engineer; Albert Broussard Jr., Mayor of Loreauville; Rachael Young, Owen & White Inc.; Alan Offner, Foley & Judell, L.L.P.; Jennifer Wilson, DWRLF Manager. The Village of Loreauville proposes to construct a new booster station near the intersection of Crochet Road and Loreauville Road, install 22,260 LF of 8” PVC pipe on Crochet Road and Loreauville Road, abandon and demolish the existing water plant, and repaint and repair the elevated storage tank. This project will also include the installation of valves and all appurtenances necessary in association with the installation of the water mains. The selected alternative will require one new site to construct the booster station, and this property will be purchased as part of this project. All water mains will be constructed on existing road right-of-ways or easements already secured by the water system.
The Town of Ville Platte; Loan 2; 12/19/2012; Amount: $9,450,000.00
The proposed project consists of looping lines, replacing inadequately sized lines, adding valves, adding fire hydrants, cleaning and painting water towers, and replacing many of the failing steel, cast iron, and asbestos concrete water lines located throughout the City of Ville Platte with new PVC lines. Besides the obvious revenue savings and energy savings (35%), the proposed project would give the City the capability to provide backup water to those systems connected to it which include the following: East Side Water System which serves 3,630 people, Point Blue Water System which serves 2,680 people, and Te Mamou Water District which serves 2,202 people.
Beauregard Parish Water Works District Number 3; Loan 1; 4/3/2013; Amount: $3,000,000.00
Left to right; Dan MacDonald, DWRLF Program Engineer; Ray Hauser, Bearegard Waterworks Manager; Bruce Butts, Beauregard Waterworks Board Secretary; Vernon Meyer, President, Meyer and Associates, Inc.; David Wolf, Adams and Reese L.L.P.; Jennifer Wilson, DWRLF Manager. DanThe proposed improvements include the construction of a new water well at an existing well site, construction of a new ground storage tank at an existing well/storage tank site, installation of variable frequency drive (VFDs) motors to power plant service pumps in order to improve pressure throughout the plant service area, installation of new water flow meters at the existing plant sites in order to monitor water system efficiency, rehabilitation of existing hydro-pneumatic tanks at some of the plant sites, and upgrade/replacement of prioritized distribution mains throughout the existing distribution system. Once the line improvements are made in the area of the system served by the interconnection with the City of DeRidder, that interconnection will return to being used for “emergency-purposes” only.
Town of Mount Hermon; Loan 1; 5/8/2013 Amount: $700,000.00
The scope of this project includes a 500 gpm water well and the necessary piping, appurtenances, and controls needed to integrate the proposed well into the existing system. The new well will be located on the existing site and the two wells will operate alternately, in a duty and standby fashion. All construction will be confined to the existing site. Once the well is installed and operational, the District will again be in compliance with all relevant codes and standards.