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2013 Pledge to Prepare Louisiana

I pledge to...

Take an active role in preparedness for myself, my family
and my community.

I pledge to Get a Kit:
Start gathering the supplies I need for my emergency preparedness kit.
Make copies of important information for my emergency preparedness kit.
Buy bottled water and extra food that doesn’t need cooking or refrigeration.
I pledge to Make a Plan:
Talk to my household members and select two meeting places in case of an emergency.
Fill out an emergency contact card and give it to every member of my household.
I pledge to Be Informed:
Find out what disasters could happen in my area and learn the emergency alert systems in my community.
Find out about my child's school emergency plan.
I pledge to Get Involved:
Support major disasters by donating cash or goods which may help meet the needs of my community in times of disaster.
Research volunteer opportunities in my local area.

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