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Common Questions - Emergency Medical Services

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Are EMTs and Paramedics certified or licensed in Louisiana?
What is the difference between certification and a state license?
If I am licensed as an EMT or Paramedic in Louisiana, why do I have to keep my NREMT certification?
How do I get a replacement or duplicate license?
How do I obtain a license verification for an EMS Practitioner (EMT, Paramedic)?
What is the age requirement to obtain an EMS Practitioner License?
Is there a fee to become licensed in Louisiana?
How do I become an EMT in Louisiana?
Does Louisiana have a reciprocity agreement with any states?
If I am certified in another state but do have a NREMT certification, how do I become licensed in Louisiana?
What levels of EMS Practitioners are there in Louisiana?
How do I change the name on my EMS license?
Where can I find the scope of practice document for a Louisiana Bureau of EMS Licensed EMR/EMT/AEMT/Paramedic?
How long is my Louisiana EMS License valid for?
How long is my Louisiana EMS License valid for?
Can I get an extension if my license expires and I am enrolled in a course?
Can I obtain a license in Louisiana if I am a Nationally Registered EMT or Paramedic?
I want to become licensed as an EMT but I have a criminal conviction, what do I need to do?
I was licensed many years ago as a Paramedic but my certification has long since expired. Can I re-activate my license?
I have a learning disability in the area of reading comprehension/reading decoding. Am I eligible for testing modifications during my EMR/EMT/AEMT/Paramedic course?
I am unable to perform a patient assessment or apply a traction splint on the floor due to a physical disability. Can I have my evaluator move the patient from the floor to a table during my EMS Practical Skills Exam in order to perform the assessment or apply the traction splint during my random skills station?
I am a Bureau of EMS credentialed Primary Instructor approved to teach at the EMT level, and I am currently teaching an EMT class. Can I use this teaching time toward my own EMT recertification requirements?