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Common Questions - OCDD - Children's Choice Waiver

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What is Children's Choice?
What are the eligibility requirements for Children's Choice?
What services are available through Children's Choice?
What are some of the things that would be covered by the Medicaid card?
What is the New Opportunities Waiver (NOW)?
How can a parent find out what their child's request date is on the Request for Services Registry?
How often are the opportunity letters offering Children's Choice to families sent out and will families who initially declined Children's Choice be contacted again in the future to see if they have changed their mind, especially if there are changes in the program?
What if I think my child needs more services in excess of the yearly limit?
I've waited several years for community services. If I accept Children's Choice instead of the NOW, do I lose the opportunity to get the NOW if my child's needs change?
What are the non-crisis provisions?
If a crisis occurs and additional services are needed beyond the cap, how long will it take to access those services?
What happens when my child reaches age nineteen (19), and Children's Choice benefits expire?
I've been told that some of the $16,410 is used for mandatory support coordination. Can I forgo these services and instead use these funds to purchase additional community-based services?
How do I choose a support coordination agency?
Can families who accept Children's Choice for their child receive the funding directly, or through a fiscal intermediary, so they can recruit, hire or fire the in-home supporters? If not, why not and are there plans to include such an option?
How long does it take to get services once my child has been determined to be eligible?
How often is our family required to get an eligibility determination?
I've been told that the service limit cap of $16,410 per year represents a decrease. Is this true?
If I accept Children's Choice, how will that affect the services I am receiving from other programs?
Can a family "stockpile" time for family supports such as respite or family support for use during holidays or summer vacation?
Will accepting Children's Choice affect my child's Supplemental Security Income (SSI) or the Medicaid services he receives now?
What is considered "direct care"?