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Wednesday | February 27, 2013 - Thursday | February 28, 2013 Intermediate Wraparound Training, NCFS of Orleans & Baton Rouge Regions TBD

This is an advanced level training to ensure the quality of the statewide implementation of wraparound as well as the fidelity to the wraparound process. Lisa Damrow, of the Institute of Innovations and Implementation, will work with the wraparound agency to identify underlying areas of needs and strategies to address the needs to ensure the quality of services for the family. This training is individualized based on the needs of the regions.
This training is required for all direct care staff employed by the Wraparound Agency.
Day 1 - All participants identify areas in which they are struggling as an agency as well as their strengths in order to move toward quality practices.
Day 2 -All participants will engage in active learning strategies including practicing skills in their areas of identified needs

This training is limited to NCFS Orleans and Baton Rouge direct and executive management staff. Participants include Wraparound Facilitators, Supervisors, Clinical Directors, Executive Directors and Wraparound coaches.

Participants must have completed the 3 day Introduction training, Engagement Training and have a minimum of 6 months experience working in and having been coached in wraparound". Staff who have not completed either the 3 day Core Training, the Engagement Training and/or participated in wraparound coaching should not attend.