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Tuesday | February 26, 2013 On-site Coaching, NCFS Baton Rouge TBD


The Institure of Innovations and Implementation will provide support and TA to each wrap supervisor on topics including, but not limited to, implementation of the wraparound process, effective coaching and training techniques.  In addition to the on-site visits, the wraparound supervisors/coaches also receive virtual TA and training through conference calls, emails, coaching form feedback, etc. 


Participantion is limited to NCFS- Baton Rouge Wraparound Supervisors/Coaches.


Participants must have completed the 3 day Intro Training, Engagement Training, and Wraparound Coaches Training.


Contact Person: Janice Zube
Contact Phone: 225 342-4373
Contact Email: Janice.Zube2@LA.GOV